Immersion 360 finds its origins in a team of web experts passionate about new technology. The new business idea came to life in 2015 when we discovered the vast possibilities brought by the growing accessibility to virtual reality. It is not only a fun technology, but a new way of communicating, educating, exploring and can even be used in the sales industry. Since 2015, we are constantly expanding our range of services to be the only reference for all your immersive projects. Our mission is simple: to help you transpose your most brilliant ideas to your audience, using virtual reality.

À propos d'Immersion 360


Virtual reality is a rapidly evolving technology. Our choice of camera systems and VR headsets define the quality of the experiences we can produce, which is why we constantly renew our equipment. We currently have 8K and 4K 360° video camera systems, a 360 ° 16K photo system and a dozen VR headsets for all applications.

In this field, equipment is only part of the solution. Great ideas are what define an interesting VR experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can discuss your project.

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