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Why Use 360° Videos ?

A Technological Innovation

360° videos and virtual reality are becoming more and more accessible. They are changing the way for Internet users to watch video content. The users can watch 360° content directly on their smartphone, their tablet, their computer or even while using their virtual reality headset. 

It’s not only a fun technology. 360° video content brings in a new way of educating, exploring and selling. This new content offers superior engagement from users compared to traditional media.

Marketing campaigns

360° videos will give you a competitive edge over your competitors in your next advertising campaign, whether you use the video on your website or on social media platforms. 360° videos are memorable, appealing and will without a doubt be able to reach your target audience. Let us create some immersive content for your business and next web marketing campaign.

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360° Experience – Relive an Event

Whether it’s a graduation, a wedding, a family reunion, etc, make sure to capture the important events of your life in full 360 degrees to never forget them. Every time you watch will bring you back to the original moment as if you were really there. By using 360° technology, you will never miss an important moment again.

How Does it Work?

It is possible to watch 360° content in a lot of different ways. 360° videos are very accessible as you can watch them on your smartphone, your tablet, your computer and even with a virtual reality headset. As of now, the technology is widely used on YouTube and on Facebook.

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Located in Montreal, we specialize in the creation of immersive content. We capture and produce all kinds of 360° ideas. Our team of experts has a solid background in the Web marketing industry. We have the resources to help you all along the way, from the creation of immersive content, to the development of the web marketing strategy, to the analysis of the results and the ROI.

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